Our Team

Meet the Team

Sanjay Kumar Rajpoot

The founder of Sustainable Microfarms and the        com
pany's original product line. Graduated from USC with degrees in physics, chemical and nanotechnology engineering and made the first Genesis controller as a project in college.

Andrew Heiderscheit
Lead Systems Engineer
With a dual-degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Andrew is a man with a beard.

Max Berger
Business Development
Max is a cool dude. He likes to make business more businessy.

Connor Poole
Lead Electronics Engineer
Connor is a supervising coordinator at Sustainable MicroFarms while attending University of Southern California for studies in control systems and robotics. Connor applies his integrated circuit knowledge and prototyping background to help the team develop control systems for current and future products while ensuring product quality and facilitating distribution to small growers, shops, and even large-scale farms.

Emin Vartanians
Emin Vartanians got his BS-EE and MS-ASTE degrees from USC, and has worked in the space industry for 4 years. He is member of the Electrical Development team at Sustainable Microfarms. Emin was the engineer on SMF's production spec Genesis controller.

Christopher Kang
Chris is the ME Development Head of Sustainable MicroFarms. His blueprint mechanical designs paved the way for the creation of the first Genesis controller prototype. Kang's knack for technology and machining helped him earn a PhD in Systems and Controls Engineering at UCLA. As a graduate research assistant, Kang was involved in a wide variety of projects including medical robotics, magnetic levitation, and controls. He is also experienced in design and manufacturing which assist him in his work with Sustainable MicroFarms.

In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, baseball, golf and wearing socks with his Toms.

Harsh Desai
Boss level mechatronics engineer from India and master of controls and dynamics at USC. Designed and tested integrated circuits and the mechanical systems required to fight robots in engineering school as well as boards to water plants.